How about stop looking for the light

How about stop looking for the light

So often we search for someone who has already done what we want to achieve. Like being at peace with ourselves or reaching beyond our fears. We look at that person for answers and guidance. This is beautiful and can aid our journey. Often it is easier to see something in an other person that we miss in ourselves.

But you know what? You can truly only see something in someone else, if it is in you as well.
Think about that!


How would you recognize something that doesn’t exist in your world? You wouldn’t. You only see in others, what is in you. Both the shadow and the light. The things you love about others and the things that bug the hell out of you. Yup, it’s all in you. It’s either your own light being reflected or your own dark side that is blocking the light. No worries, dear, that’s normal.

But the light is always there. Like the sun is always shining, even when we can see only dark clouds at times. It is a matter of choosing to let it shine. And I believe it is our job, our purpose to let it shine. It is my job to bring the light to the parts of myself that I’d rather hide, that I feel ashamed of. To bring the light into the shadow parts where I feel fearful, insignificant or unworthy.


How about stop searching for the light and be it instead?

How about stop being mad at the dark and become the light instead?

And by light I mean peace, happiness, joy, freedom.


It is up to us to bring the light where there is madness, anger and distance. Within yourself, your relationships, your family, your community. We do this by being the light. When you change your own energy, when you raise your vibe, you change the energy of the field that connects everything and everyone. When you raise your vibe, you become open for peace, for possibilities, for a miracle.

How do I change my energy then? Might you ask. Great question! There are so many ways. A few suggestions:

       // Change your focus. You always have a choice. At any moment in time, you can choose to focus on peace instead of anger. You  can choose love over fear. You can choose connection over separation.

image       // Change your breath. Notice how you are breathing. Is your breath fast, slow, high in your chest or low in your belly? Are you expanding your belly when inhaling and is your belly going towards your navel when you are exhaling? Just notice at first. Then take a few deep, long breaths and expand your belly when inhaling. Relax your belly, chest and throat.

       // Ground yourself. Become aware of your body and the space you are in. Notice your feet on the ground. Notice the space your body is taking up in space. Feel the ground or chair under you firmly supporting you.

      // Ask yourself loving questions. What would Love do? What is positive about this situation? What can I do to contribute to the solution? What would my heart see? What call for Love is present here? What needs to be heard, held or healed here? What is needed here?

You are so much more powerful then you think. When you practice being the light, you will find what works best for you. You’ll find what makes you come alive. What fills you with that delicious, bubbly, loving, gratitude-rich force of the universe that is light. Yes, you can even do this when things suck. I’d say, do them especially when things suck!


You got this.

It is by simply being the light, being awake, aware, centered, open, that you are changing the energy around you. By lifting your energy, you are changing the energy in the room, in your relationships, in your community and in the world. We need more people to do this in order to let the energy reorganize itself. We need you. To be awake, aware, open. To be the light.

To be a guru means just that. Guru means bringer of light. And that is what you are. You are light and it is up to you to let it shine.

How do you let your light shine?

Love, Susanne