Why your Problem is NOT the Problem

Why your Problem is NOT the Problem

Yes, thats right!
Your problem is NOT the problem.
Relax, gorgeous. This is good news.
Let me explain what I mean.


Whatever situation you are struggling with, it’s not what’s limiting you. Whether you think you’ve got a problem in your relationships, finances, work or family, the problem really isn’t that situation. Let me be a little rebel here and dare to say that the ‘problem’ is YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Yup. The issue that you’re having is inside yourself. It’s your perception of the situation, that’s making you feel like there’s a problem.

This is why some folks see a problem where others don’t.

We tend to call a situation a problem when we are not ok with the reality at that moment. We perceive that something is wrong when we’d like it to be different. When we feel something else should happen. When we resist and think we know better. It’s the ego taking over.

I’m only sharing this insight with you so you have an other opportunity to choose love over fear. To see the illusion of the problem, relax and get back to your beautiful, trusting, loving heart.


I have had this realization so many times! Once I awake and realize I am perceiving a problem, I choose to relax into reality and my perception immediately changes.

Feel how this resonates with you for a moment. How is this true in your life?
Where do you perceive problems? How are you resisting reality there?

And where is it all flowing beautifully?
Do you feel the Oneness there?


When you change your perception, you change your entire world. Including what you used to perceive as a problem.

My friend Will Pye is a beautiful example of this. He perceived his brain tumor as a blessing and even wrote a book about it: Blessed with a Brain Tumor This doesn’t mean you can’t act on a situation. Will did get the surgery eventually. You can act on the situation without the stress of having a problem.

When you choose to see the blessing in the situation, you change your focus and your perception.

A problem can never be loved from the same level of consciousness.

So I wanted to write ‘solved’ and instead I wrote ‘loved’. Interesting typo, isn’t it?
What if we would choose to love our ‘problems’? And trust that everything in life isn’t happening to us, but FOR us?

Add a little love, some delicious relaxation, a pinch of humor, a different angle to the mix and see what changes in the situation. Vibe high and let the situation rearrange itself. You’ll be able to see so much more possibilities, desires, solutions from a higher level of consciousness.

I wish you high vibes, honey!

Love, Susanne