Why New Experiences Are Crucial For Change

Why New Experiences Are Crucial For Change

Hi beautiful,

Have you ever felt like you were meant for a different type of life?

Perhaps a bigger, more adventurous life?38 circle hoed

Perhaps happier, more in tune with the universe?

Do you feel, deep inside that you have more to offer, more to give to the world then you are expressing now?

If you are anything like me, it’s a YES to all of the above.

You know you can change your life if you set your mind to it. You know you can find your way. You really want to change and feel good about yourself. Love yourself and have all sorts of beautiful exciting experiences in life. And when you are aware of all of these possibilities, you have probably also, at one point or the other, decided you were going to do things different. You’ve decided to go out there and take changes and seize opportunities.

And just when opportunity knocks at your door. You hear that voice. That voice that, when you get really excited about something and decide to do things different, to change, to really go for it, says: ‘ahhh, you can do that tomorrow. Let’s wait for a better moment. Tonight it’s cold outside and it’s so nice to stay in. You really deserve to just relax tonight, you’ve worked all day already. Besides, you don’t even know anyone there. It’s too much trouble.’ And then you really don’t feel like it anymore and you let it go. Have you ever had that? I must have had that a million times!

So, you want change. But you also want to avoid uncertainty.

For many people each day looks pretty much the same. You get up at the same side of the bed. You take a shower and wash yourself in the same order as always. Make your favorite breakfast and drink your tea from your favorite mug. You go about your day, see mostly the same people, go to the same places, make the same jokes and you even think mostly the same thoughts. Then hurry home, perhaps hurry to the gym, eat dinner, watch tv and go to bed. The same side of course. Then repeat it all again the next day. When we do the same things and we make the same choices, we get the same emotions. And when we have the same emotions, we draw in the same circumstances in our lives.

When we want to transform any part of our lives and live from a more authentic place and purpose, we need to step out of the familiar. We need to create new experiences, feel new feelings and create new circumstances.

When you the same thing you always did, you will get the same result you always got.

Put in other words: different input for the brain means different output from the brain.

If you give the same information, the same stimuli, to your brain, it will not create many new pathways, it will not change. The brain is incredible and flexible for all of your life. This means that at any moment, you can change the hardware, the actual neuronal pathways. You can do this by thinking different thoughts and especially by giving your brain a different experience.

While going out into the world and doing something new and different sounds great. Be prepared to get some resistance. From yourself. Your body and mind are so used to doing things a certain way. The body especially is so used to feeling a certain way and it is addicted to the chemicals that create that emotion. The little voice saying ‘ahhhh, you can do that tomorrow!’, is the body resisting. It wants the same chemicals as it always got. Even it that means chemicals of anger or depression. At least it familiar and costs less effort then creating something new.

This means that, in order to create new experiences and change, you must, at first, do something that feels unnatural to you. You will feel some uncomfort. You will not feel like doing it. Remember that this is the feeling you have tought your body to feel. This is not your true essence nor is it the voice of your inner guide. When you look beyond the resistance you know the feeling is only that, resistance against change. It is self-sabotage at it’s best.

EmmilyB.com-118When you want something in your life to change, you have to step out into the unknown and create new experiences. It feels uncomfortable at first, but it does get easier every time.

I LOVE this part! I am always looking for new experiences. In sports, new places for lunch, new musea and especially travel. Travel takes you to new circumstances and changes everything: people, food, language sometimes, culture, temperature, even your body rhythms. I love that because it makes me look at everything fresh. When you go to new places you meet new people, have different conversations and get to say YES to new opportunities.

You can change simple things like cooking a new meal, taking a different route to work or school, read a novel if you never do, start a conversation with a stranger at the coffee place, go to a new coffee place, think new empowering thoughts about yourself.

The lesson here is simple: if you want to invite change into your life, go out and give yourself new experiences. Condition your body to a new mind. The resistance will become less and less and the joy of trying something new will grow.

So how are you going to break your routine and what new experience are you allowing in?

Love, Susanne