Why Judgement is Not A bad Thing

Why Judgement is Not A bad Thing

Let me ask you this: do you ever judge?

Chances are that’s a yes, since it’s something we all do. Even when we’ve let it go for a while, it sneaks right back into our mental conversation and more often then not, we judge ourselves for judging.

In this video I share a somewhat different perspective on judgement. Why judgement is not a bad thing at all, or the beauty of judgement. Most of my work is about being a little kinder towards yourself so you can grow self love and acceptance and make joy the guiding light in your life. A more holistic, loving view of judgement is essential in that.


At some point we learn that judgement is not appropriate and it’s bad. Especially in spiritual teachings judgment is sometimes frowned upon. However, there’s some beauty and purpose to be found in it as well.

First of all, we all judge. We all do it. It’s because of the way our brains are wired. We are wired to put people and situations, basically everything around us, in boxes to help us understand the world around us quickly. So we can adjust and act in a way that keeps us safe. We are prone to seek out danger first. Quick judgement, quick reaction if needed, keeps you safe.

You can imagine that the more security and safety you already experience in yourself, the less you’ll need to judge your outer world. The more you can just let it be.

We’re hardly ever really in the now. We use previous experiences, knowledge that we have, to give meaning to events in the present moment. So what we’re really seeing is our own filter of the past. The judgement comes from our own memories, experiences, values and fears.

This is why judgement really does not say anything about the person being judged, but it’s completely about what lives in the consciousness of the person making the judgement. That’s both when it’s a positive or negative judgement that’s being made.

And this is a great thing. It means that the judgement you make, is like a mirror that reflects your inner world back to you. You can only see what exists in your consciousness. What is coming up for you when you look at the judgements you make? Welcome them, they are healing opportunities.

Your judgements are opportunities to sent love, to choose a loving view, to that part of you that is judging.

I might see someone who is, in my perspective, further ahead in their business, but I’d judge them as not being competent enough, or not authentic enough. Or I might see someone and feel they are too loud or don’t leave enough space for others. Whatever it is.

Because I know judgement comes from feeling threatened in any way, feeling unsafe of loosing something, I can reflect on those judgement and see is the illusion of threat or loss.

For the person who I might judge as not being competent enough, it might be I’m too hard on myself for having to be perfect before I begin. Not authentic enough, maybe I can heal a part in myself that perfectionistic. People are allowed to learn and develop themselves. And so am I. If someone is loud I might fear losing space to speak my mind or fear not being seen. This might be an invitation to listen to myself more or maybe let myself be heard more as well.

Feel your way into the invitation of the judgement. You’ll never solve judgement with judgement. Just the same way you can’t think your way out of thinking. You’ll have to take a broader view, expand your consciousness, take a step back to see a bigger picture, to put it in perspective.

Whatever you do, please don’t judge yourself for judging. It’s a way of releasing energy and a way you try to keep yourself safe. Thank yourself for the judgement and create a little space to take an honest, loving look at it. Where can healing occur?

Bless the person you judged. Especially if you judged yourself.

Love, Susanne