What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do?

Hi beauty,

I love it when someone asks me a question and it’s the type of question that doesn’t require an answer. The type of question that you really want to take in, inhale, let sink in into your consciousness.

EmmilyB.com-87And that radically shifts your whole perception.

The type of question that redirects your focus.

The Course in Miracles has taught me one such question:

What would love do?

I relax, let go, soften and see through heart instead of my eyes.

This is a powerfull question for all of us who choose to live our lives in Love. Whatever judgement there was, this questions softenens it immeditaly and restores connectedness.

Whatever fear there was, this question leads me right back to love and helps me focus my energy on what I do want.

For me, this question bridges the gap and restores Oneness. Much of our pain finds it’s origin in the idea of being separated. But really there is only one. We are one and we sometimes need a little help to remember and feel that.

So when you find yourself in need of some more love in your life, towards others or yourself, ask yourself “what would love do?”.

Love, Susanne