Want to Make a Difference in the World? Here’s How You Already Are.

Want to Make a Difference in the World? Here’s How You Already Are.

circle profile filterHi beautiful,

Do you ever feel like you want to make a difference in the world?

Like you really want to contribute and leave the world a little more beautiful or a friendlier place?

Do you want to have a positive impact and create an empowering ripple effect?

But are you feeling small or feel like you don’t have enough influence?
Do you wonder how you would make a lasting impact while perhaps not having a big media platform or a high position with an organization?
Do you ever feel insignificant?
Do you wish you knew how to make that difference?
Or do you know you already are making a difference and do you want to add more value?

That in itself deserves some love. What a delicious, wonderful intention you have.


What if you already are influencing the world, but you just didn’t notice?

You know what? You already are making a difference in the world. Yes. You already are having a powerful impact on the world. How? You might ask.

Your Presence is Making the Difference in the World.

Your presence is, at all times, influencing the people around you. Your physical presence obviously influences people around you. But your energetic presence is influencing them in an even bigger way. More so, your energetic presence, the energy field around your body, is influencing not only the people who are directly with you. You are also influencing the bigger field you are a part of. This means the energy field that connects all of us, that makes us One.

You being aware, awake, fully present in the moment, is your most powerful tool. When you are fully present, your energy is strong and your vibe let’s others vibe with you. You are influencing the field with your vibration and others will resonate with it.


This is why being aware of your thoughts and emotions is so important. Thoughts, emotions, intentions are send out into the field in the form of vibrations. If you feel angry or insecure, you are sending low frequency, incoherent vibes into the field. When you are happy and experiencing gratitude, you are sending strong, coherent, high vibes into the field. And how often are we fully present. It’s so often that we are physically present but somewhere else entirely in our minds.


Your words mean nothing without your presence. Your presence is communicating what is really going on inside and if you want a relationship to be different, then send out different vibes to that person. Be present with them.

When you are awake, your presence helps others awaken.

This is why so many people love ‘being in the presence’ of people we think of as awakened. People who are with you with their full attention. Who are fully in the present time and space. Our brain helps here as well. Our mirror-neurons mirror what is happening in the brain of the other person. So when someone is feeling at ease and present, we feel more at ease and present as well.

Do not underestimate the effect your presence has. See the power. Practice being awake, present and send out vibes of love, gratitude and peace. It is the biggest impact you will ever make.

Love, Susanne