Why Tony Robbins called me a B*tch and I laughed about it

Why Tony Robbins called me a B*tch and I laughed about it

So Tony said: ‘Look at that manipulative smile! That little b*tch!’

If you’re not sure who Tony Robbins is, let me introduce him to you. Big guy. Loads of energy. Trainer, coach, author. Lives like a rock star. (But a healthy one who promotes the alkaline lifestyle.) He owns a piece of Fiji. Yes, the island. He feeds millions of people in America over the holidays. But most of all he’s known for being there in the early days of NLP and becoming an amazing life coach at the age of just 21. He now coaches presidents, athletes and holds events all over the world for anyone who wants to get more out of life, health, business. Basically out of themselves.

I read his first book when I was 17 and I thought of him when people thought I was to young to be a coach. I heard about this event he does, where you, and thousands of other people, get together for four days: Unleash the Power Within. It’s all about getting into a peak state, releasing old, limiting beliefs. Creating your future and loving yourself like crazy. While dancing, singing and hugging. It might sound intense and it is! The best possible way of intense. Unleash the Power Within is an amazing kickstart to be your most outstanding self.

So why would this incredible guy call me a b*tch? Here’s what happened.

Imagine a room with close to 8000 people. Tony is teaching. He comes down from the stage and walks up to me, asks my name. ‘If I see Susanne interacting with people around her and think of her as a warm, kind, loving person, nice to people around her, great to be around. Would that influence my interactions with her?’ ‘YES!’ everyone shouts.

Tony and I1

‘Now, if I see her and think to myself: she’s not to be trusted. She’s a little b*tch!’

I just burst out laughing! It was such a radical change from the loving, warm words and tone of voice he used before. It was so absurd and raw, I just had to laugh. He used that to take it a step further. ‘You see! That manipulative smile!’

‘Would this internal thinking influence my interactions with her?’ YES!

I’m happy to have been used for this as an example of how our thinking influences our interactions with people. Obviously my internal dialogue told me he wasn’t serious. He was using me as an example to teach a loving lesson to the room. So it was very easy to go with it and laugh. Obviously he was serious about the warm, loving part.

What is your internal dialogue when meeting people? What do you tell yourself about others? How do you, in this way, influence yourself in the interaction before even exchanging one word with someone else?

It’s great to experiment with this. When meeting people, bring them flowers in your mind. Welcome them like they are your biggest fans or best friends you haven’t seen for ages. While exercising, choose someone randomly and send them good vibes. When driving in your car or sitting on a train, send someone next to you health and healing. Send people love or happiness without them ever knowing. And see how this affects your interaction with them.

You’ll get a great bonus. Everything you send out, goes through you first.

Love, Susanne 

I love UPW so much, everyone should go there at least once!