Self-Love Series Episode 2: Wake up | With Susanne Pistoor and Maria Johanna

Self-Love Series Episode 2: Wake up | With Susanne Pistoor and Maria Johanna


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For many people, the relationship that we have with ourselves, can be a source of struggle. Self-criticism, self-doubt, we’ve all been there. The relationship with self can also be a major aid in the creation of your happiest life. I would even go as far as to say it is essential to find a way to return to Love after every little piece of fear if you want to be the happiest version of yourself.

In the Self-Love Series you’ll find inspiration to guide you on your path of cultivating self-love, saying YES to yourself ‘with all your curves and all your edges’, as John Legend would say. Beautiful people who are on their own path of Love and Light will be sharing a little bit of their story in this series of mini-interviews. You’ll find many nuggets of wisdom in there.


Is this episode my guest is the beautiful Maria Johanna (30). 

She lives in Amsterdam and has switched Amsterdam for the amazing island of Bali for a few months. Maria Johanna is the author of the book ‘Quarterlife challenge‘ en co-author of the book ‘Is het een tegenslag of juist een kans?‘ (Yup that was Dutch. Translates as: is it a set-back or an opportunity?). She ran the New York marathon for charity. Nowadays she inspires people to increase their levels of consciousness and to awaken, so they’ll experience more happiness and freedom.

What is self-love to you?

To me self-love is having a connection with your inner world and having that align with your outer World. It’s to do what feels good to you in the present moment.

How do you experience self-love in your life? 

I take moments to connect to my inner world. Writing and meditating helps me a lot. But also having a conversation and then reflecting back on it.

Have you ever known times where you felt a lack of self-love? What was that like and how did you overcome that? 

Yes, I have. There was a time when I felt a very low energy and I didn’t feel any motivation to move forward. In hindsight I see I needed this time for some deep self-reflection. This period helped me to re-birth my new self. I even started to use a different name. This was all after I woke-up to life. My awakening gave me a totally new perspective on everything. The moment I choose to use my official birth name everything changed and I found my inner strength back. At that moment I felt stronger than I have ever felt.

What role does (self-)love play in the work you do? 

I help people to love themselves more, to choose the path of love and go beyond fear.

What do you think it would mean to our community when more and more people choose love over fear and embrace self-love? 

The more people choose love, the more beauty will show up. At some point there has to come a change in the World. Which is already happening. Eventually I hope to experience a new society where love is the main shared value.

What do you do to cultivate self-love, that would be a great practical tip for anyone who wants to amp up their self-love game? 

The most significance experience that helped me to love myself more has been my ayahuasca experiences. Meditating daily is the biggest aid to love myself. During the day I help myself to be aware of my feelings, actions and emotion and observe them. I choose to be aware and awake. It is also important for me to be aware of my intentions.



If you’re a Dutchie, or simply understand the language (since it’s all in Dutch), and you loved what Maria Johanna had to say? Find out more at
Maria Johanna’s books: Quarterlife crisis and Is het een tegenslag of juist een kans?
Find her at YouTube or Facebook.

Did you enjoy this first episode of the Self-Love Series? I had so much fun making it for you!

Love, Susanne