Self Love Series 4: Health Beyond Green Juice | With Susanne Pistoor and Sophia van Sorgen

Self Love Series 4: Health Beyond Green Juice | With Susanne Pistoor and Sophia van Sorgen

Self-Love Series

It’s time for a brand new episode of the Self Love Series.

And since a shiny new year full of fresh starts is just ahead of us, this is a perfect time to check in with your health & self love practice. But really, any time is a great time to do that, isn’t it?

In this episode I introduce you to Sophia van Sorgen, therapist, trainer, nutritionist and two time cancer survivor. We’ve met through our work as coaches / therapists and Sophia not only has an incredible personal transformational story, but she’s build a company where she does profound work with people who want to rebuild their health. She goes beyond the green juice.

This is one woman who has her feet planted firmly on the ground and who knows transformation intimately. I’ve asked her about the relationship she has with self love in both her personal life as well as in her work with her clients. She also shares what she does every day to stay healthy and happy.

Sophia is 38 and lives in Amsterdam. Her personal experiences with cancer have lead her to dive in deep into health, healing and wellness. This search has brought her to both the traditional western views on healing and health as well as the complementary approach of wellbeing. She travelled the world for healing. She’s gained a ton of experience and knowledge through this which the now shares through her work.

She has shaped her business to do a couple of things. ‘I guide, coach and train people, mostly during a difficult time in their lives. About 50% of my clients are cancer and ex-cancer patients. But I also have clients with other issues, like burnouts. Or people who want to improve their lifestyle / health on all levels. Emotionally, mentally, physically and, depending on the client, also spiritually. Next to that I develop online health programs that guide people using healthy food and how to detox on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. I also write a weekly column for ELLE Eten, on how food works and other healthy tips.’ 


What is self love to you? 

‘To me self love is a very rich subject that has many faces. It’s something that I had to learn the hard way. I was diagnosed with cancer twice and both those situations have shown me the importance of self love. Self love is something that’s so deeply a part of us as humans and if it is twisted it can have a negative impact on us. To me it means really knowing, seeing and acknowledging who I am. With all the good and the bad. And being willing to keep looking in that mirror and still feel a deep love for who I am in that moment.’

How do you experience self love in your life? 

Over the many years that part is deeply integrated, or maybe also drilled into me by life a bit. I have big dreams and goals and they tent to interfere with my health from time to time. So I keep my health and self love in check daily and I made a very conscious choice every day to have an amazing, fun and empowering day. I love myself enough to keep making those choices. When you know better, you do better. That is one of the sayings that I live by.




I love myself enough to keep making those choices.


Have you ever known times where you felt a lack of self-love? What was that like and how did you overcome that? 

‘Yes I have. I don’t experience it a lot anymore, but it still comes up every now and then. When it does, I get still, very still, mostly in meditation and I will create a lot of ‘me-time’. I go and look for the root, the seed, if you will. I will work with it and transform it. Until it flows away and becomes soft and fluid. That’s how it feels.’

What role does (self) love play in the work you do? 

‘Self love for me also has a lot to do with being aware and conscious. Working with the type of clients I have, is something very demanding. So I need to take good care of myself. I’m my own tool: I have to stay in good condition. In my work I rely on that. If I’m not in a great space,I can’t provide my clients with the quality of work that I want to give them.’

What do you think it would mean to our community when more and more people choose love over fear and embrace self love? 

‘This movement luckily has started a while back and is growing every day. More and more people are interested in mindfulness, yoga, meditation, personal development, healthy food and so on. I remember when I became interested in all that in 1994 when I was sick the first time. Nobody was interested in those things. It was very ‘geitenwollensok’ as we say in Dutch. It was hard to find information about any of it. I love it that it’s has become an accepted part of many lives.’

What do you do to cultivate self-love, that would be a great practical tip for anyone who wants to amp up their self love game? 

‘I’m a creature of habits and a big believer in them. I have a morning and evening routine and as long I stick with that, I stay in a place of peace, joy, awareness, flow and focus. I meditate twice a day, I workout 30 minutes a day, drink a self made green juice daily and walk my dog a couple of times a day in nature. I do these things because I love myself. I make them a priority in my live. Sleep is also a big one for me. I never ever compromise on sleep. I sleep 8 hours a day, sometimes more when I need more. In short, I listen to what my body and soul need and I provide it as well as I can in that moment.’


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How do you take care of your health and wellbeing? Is it something that you occasionally do or is it part of your lifestyle?

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