My Spiritual Coming Out

My Spiritual Coming Out

Hi, my name is Susanne and I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I trust the universe to support and guide me and when I feel stressed or fearful, I go within to find peace again. I believe there is only One and we are already perfect as we are.

There, I said it.

This post is all about celebrating your authentic truth and simply being yourself without holding back or apologizing.

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In many ways, this new website, these blogs and the nuggets of inspiration I share in my newsletter, are a way of spiritual coming out for me.

For many years, I’ve been keeping my spiritual beliefs more or less on the down-low. Sure I would talk about meditation, manifesting and energy with people, but only when I felt it was safe enough to do so. If I thought there was a change I wouldn’t belong any more, people wouldn’t understand or – and this was a big one – I wouldn’t be taken seriously anymore, I would just not mention it or downplay my beliefs. I didn’t want people to think I was a softie or unable of critical thinking. I wanted to fit in. And then to think one of my highest values is freedom, haha!

Can you relate?

Now, that warm feeling of contributing to the world, that rising sense of expansion, that high-vibin’, let’s really live-feeling, that F-it mentality and that strong-felt guidance, all let me know that those days are over. Over. O-Ver. Ovah. 


It is time to take on full responsibility for the creation of my life.SusannePistoor42

This is my declaration of freedom:

Where I was playing small, I choose expansion.

Where there was chaos and struggle, I will align with my highest purpose.

Where I felt scared and wanted to step back, I will feel the fear, trust and step forward anyway.

Where I was painting a grey picture to not stand out, I will paint with all the colors I have in me. 

Where there is judgement, I choose Love.


Any coming out is really going within. It is letting the True You shine through. It is sharing your authentic truth. It doesn’t matter if that is about having spiritual beliefs, your sexual preference, your love for dancing, crystals or baking. It could be about a specific talent that you have and you haven’t graced the world with yet. Whatever passion lives inside of you, it is time to let it play outside.

I know each and every one of us has a gift that is unique and, when shared, will lift spirits. The world needs your unique voice.


So, let me ask you:

In what area of you life do you feel you have been holding back? Where have you chosen not to share all of your authentic truth or talent?

Where would you love to share more of your true self?

With whom would you love to deepen the relationship by being more of yourself?

What wonderful opportunities would open up to you by ‘coming out’?

Oh, and let me tell you one thing:

the universe responds to the energy of the heart.

You might be surprised by the effects of letting your heart speak more.

Love, Susanne