How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Ease

How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Ease


You have dreams.

You have a vision for your life and it’s big and beautiful and inspiring. 

You living the reality of your vision would bring out the best in you and it would be a gift to the world.


You need to step out of your comfort zone to get there. Right?

Do you need to go to events, meet new people, get visible, ask for what you want, say NO to things you previously said yes to, say YES to things you previously said no to, let others know what you have to offer or develop a new skill like public speaking or teaching?
To change things, you want to change the way you think, feel, talk and act in some way because what you are doing now, is giving the results you have now. Do different and you get different.

Doing differently can feel like a risk. You don’t know what reactions you’ll get. Are people gonna like or dislike or, for some even worse, not notice you at all? You don’t know yet if you can do it, simply because you haven’t done it before.

It can feel scary but that’s fine. You can feel the fear and do it anyway.
It’s all a matter of focus. You have the ability to shift your focus to a different part of your consciousness. Like bringing the background forward.

Let me share three ways to step out of your comfort zone with ease:


    // Forgive past experiences

    // Leave the ego – be willing to fail or be judged

    // Focus on joy


Forgive whatever happened in the past. The past does not equal the future. You create you own experiences and you are ready to take the next step towards your vision.

Choose to forgive past experiences, so you have space for fresh experiences in the present moment. Know anything is possible.

Fear is a product of the ego-mind. Ego avoids failure or judgement so it won’t get hurt.

It also won’t get you anywhere. And you have places to go!

Embrace the possibility of failing. Ego will lose its power over you. When you decide that judgement might happen but you can handle it, you’ve chosen freedom. Release the outcome and just be open to the moment. Remember only love is real and you’re back to your love-mind. 

I practice this a lot. I love to learn and develop my skills as a writer and trainer. So whenever I get the chance, I do exactly this and I focus on gaining experience and on enjoying myself. Things never really do go terribly wrong but if they did, I would have learned a lot. If I do something silly and people would laugh, well, laughing is great for their health and I’ve learned something again. I do not need to be the best or be perfect in any way. I am allowed to learn and by going out there and creating an experience, I gain more and more experience. I’ll be wiser and have gained more experience and skill so I’ll be a little bit better next time.

Even though something new can feel scary, it’s also exciting and awakening. Don’t you feel most alive when you do something for the first time? Aren’t the first times the things you really remember? That’s because they make you feel something!


Focussing on joy will let you feel joy and it will also give you a delicious vibe.
We all want to be around people who are enjoying themselves and having a good time, right? It makes us feel good too. It’s also one of the best states to be in to manifest anything in your life.

You are ready to step out of that comfort zone and to go for what you really makes you happy. Be yourself and the world will make space for you.

Now I’d LOVE to hear from you! Leave a comment below and share how you step out of your comfort zone.

Love, Susanne