How To Get Out Of A Stress State

How To Get Out Of A Stress State

Let’s get honest, we all get stressed at times.
And that’s fine. Sometimes it means something is important to us. Sometimes it is a signal that we need to slow down a bit.

I can feel stressed out when my schedule is really full and it is that way months ahead. I want to give my best to everything I do and I like time to prepare. Sometimes I feel like I do not have enough time to do all my work, prepare, see friends and also just relax. This goes against my core desired feeling of freedom. For a little while there, I forget that I am the one who made all of those appointments and that all things I choose to do, are what makes me happy! I get especially stressed when I get to do something I’ve been wanting to do for ages and I finally get the opportunity. Isn’t that silly? Big steps feels the scariest often. Can you relate? Than I remind myself I am living my dream and the stress melts away.

The important thing about stress is, how to release it in the moment and return to that calm, peaceful place. Here I share my 4 steps back to peace.

1. REALIZE that stress has more to do with your state than with the situation.
Stress is something that is inside yourself and most often a result of thoughts like: ‘not enough time, money, resources’, ‘ this must, has to happen’, ‘if I don’t, then this will fail, go wrong’. Feel in your body if these words give you a sense of contraction of energy or if they give you more space. For most of us, they feel like a contraction and that’s why they block flow and block energy. So realize stress is an inside creation, not an outside one. This is great news because it means you can change it.

Choose to stop it. Choose to change.
Once you’ve noticed that you were in a state that is not serving you, you are already detached from it. You are already outside of the state and you are able to choose something different. Sometimes it is helpful to see how you are using stress. What purpose does it fulfill for you and what does it communicate to yourself and others? Does it make you feel important? Does it make you feel worthy because you are working so hard? Does it communicate your someone else that they are not doing their part? Get clear, get honest. And is stressing out really the best way to serve you?

Check back in. Connect with your body and the most powerful way to do that immediately is through the breath. Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Be aware of your body. You are not a head going around in this life. You have a body and feeling connected to it brings your right back to the present moment. Changing anything in your body will immediately change your state. So breath, move a bit, spread your arms wide or shake it out!

4. REMIND yourself of your truth.
So, what is really true for you? What stands when all else falls? Is it your love for someone? For your children or you boyfriend? Is it the love of some one else for you? Is it calming to you to remind yourself that you are alive? That you are part of the universe and all happens exactly as it should? I often ask myself a question: what would love do? And it is not about the answer, it is about a radical and immediate change in state. So, what is your truth that will serve as an anchor? To check if it is helping you, feel is the energy in your body feels more expanded, more spacious. Notice if calm returns and you feel connect dot something bigger again.

Remember, peace begins with you.

I hope this serves you well and inspires you to choose Love.

Love, Susanne