How to Energetically Cleanse your Space

How to Energetically Cleanse your Space

I love doing this.

It gives such a delicious feeling of fulfilment, grounding and space. Such a great start for the new year. It leaves you refreshed and awake.

One of my core desired feelings is spaciousness. I love to feel space around me, freedom to move, and on some level I am constantly scanning my house for items I can let go of. Whether it’s clothes or knick knacks or furniture that is no longer serving, I release it.

Each and every day is a beautiful opportunity to start fresh. The first day of the new year feels especially perfect because it’s such a  great symbol of new beginnings. When making a change, starting a new, empowering behavior, living more from the heart or allowing yourself to relax into life more, it’s helpful to create the space to do it.

To clean out the old and make space for the new.

When you cleanse your home, choose a time when you can be fully present without distractions. Bring your highest vibe. I share my tips on energetically cleansing your home to create the space you can thrive in. You can do all or choose the ones that you are drawn to.


// Finish your home to do list.
Is there still unfinished business? Like fixing something, painting a wall, putting in a lightbulb? Do those first. It will make you feel satisfied you took care of it. Take care of lose ends like that. They are potential energy leaks. I had some bright blue paint waiting to be put on my bedroom wall for months and I kept thinking about it. Now I can finally enjoy it on my wall and wake up each day to a clear blue sky.

Taking care of the space you live in, is


// Clear the clutter.
Put the dishes away, make the bed, clear your desk out, throw out the garbage.

// Let go of things no longer serving you.
Take a look at the things you have collected in your house including you clothes, cosmetics, decoration, magazines. With items could go and leave you with a little more space? If you are opting for a chemical free house, which cosmetics and cleaning products will you throw out? Which clothes don’t fit you anymore, are out of (your) style and do not make you feel like your amazing, vibrant self? Let them go. Are you still holding on to love letters written by that guy that turned out to break your heart? Let them go. Which items were gifts and you’ve been saving for that reason only? Which items just don’t fit with your current vibe anymore? If there are things that you once really loved and you’d like to keep the memory, take a picture of it and then let the item go. Leave the things that you use often and the things that lift your spirit, that inspire you and make you feel vibrant and alive.


Less stuff = more space.


// Express gratitude.
Take a moment to think about, or meditate on, gratitude. For being able to live in a safe place, to have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, books to inspire you, clothes to keep you warm. To have a space to retreat, to reenergize, to meditate in, to prepare your meals. What are you grateful for about your home?

// Let fresh air in.
Open your windows and let fresh air fill up your space.

// Clean!
Do it with the intention to not only removed dust, but also to cleanse the energy. Use a natural mixture like water mixed with white vinegar. You can add a drop of essential oil. I use DoTerra oils because they are so safe you can even eat them. (and I do as I use the peppermint one in my toothpaste). Intention is key here.

I prefer not to use chemical cleaning products, especially when I’m doing an energetic cleanse. I feel like energy is disrupted by chemicals. Also, is your house really clean when you cover it in chemicals?

// Salt spray.
The things around us soak up our energies. Be still and look around you. What items still seem to have heavy or thick energy? What items feel like they still have someone else’s energy on them? You can either remove the object or spray it with the salt spray and feel how the energy is after. Make the spray by mixing water with sea salt. You can charge the water by letting it soak up sunlight, whispering words of gratitude to it or letting it soak up the vibes from mantra’s (use Spotify or a cd). Alternatively, disperse salt through your space, leave it overnight and vacuum it the next morning.

// Use a smudge
White sage is used for purification and great to clean energy. Lit it while saying your intention. It could be something like this: ‘Thank you for clearing this space. I wish for this space to be clean and I welcome high vibes.’ or feel what comes up for you. Either let the smudge lay in a fireproof bowl or walk around with it and bless each room by holding it up to all the corners and expressing your intention.

// Burn incense.
Sandalwood and jasmine are known for their purification qualities. Send out your intention when lighting the incense.

// Send white light.
Calm and centre yourself. Focus on your heart. Imagine white, beautiful light radiating from your heart and filling up your entire being. Let it shine on and fill up the space around you. Imagine all of your home and all things in it to be embraced and filled up with the white light. Let your intention of cleansing flow with the light. This is also great to do before and during the actual cleaning.


I hope this serves you and you have fresh, vibrant and inspiring space!

Love, Susanne