How to Act your Way Into Believing

How to Act your Way Into Believing


‘You’ll see it when you believe it.’ ~ Wayne Dyer

What you believe to be true, you’ll see and meet in the world.

If you believe there’s not enough for everyone, you will see competitors in other people and you will fight for your place in the world. When you believe there’s more than enough for everyone, you relax and feel free to both give and receive without limits.

We all have beliefs that are supporting and empowering us. That are based in freedom, love and abundance.

And we also have believes that are limiting us. That hold us back, make us believe we aren’t good enough, not worthy, that we should play small and stick to what we know. These beliefs prevent us from taking a risk and going for what we love.

It’s actually already a big step to become aware of any limiting beliefs. Often they’re buried away in the subconscious so we don’t notice them. Even though we unknowingly act on them. They’re the boss of your actions. And by doing that day after day, our beliefs determine what our life will look like.

So how do you grab any limiting beliefs and transform them into the solid bedrock you can build a life you love on?
How do we release those belief blocks that hold us back and change them into the building blocks of radical self-love so we can really start living life?

Many people wait, or hope, they will one day think and feel differently about themselves. They wait until that day to start living the way they want to. But this often are the people who are unaware of their beliefs.

That’s not you. You already have a sense, or even a clear idea, of what you still believe to be true, that’s holding you back. And even more so, you realize it’s a belief! This already gives you a little distance from that belief. And distance means space. Space to act.

We can either change a belief from within the mind. And then act on it.

Or we can act differently and by doing so learn to belief differently. Acting from your core values, what you feel to be most important in your life, will change the way you think. In other words: act differently and you’ll learn to belief differently.

Act differently and you’ll believe differently

A minor change in behavior will give you different feedback from the outer and inner world. You’ll find out you’re still ok. It works out just fine. This will give you a boost you do it some more. You check in with yourself and you’re still ok. You do it some more. You’re starting to feel pretty good about your results and also build self-esteem because of this process. You’ll get on a roll, and do it more and more until you feel completely relaxed and confident.

Now you have a new belief and acting from it will feel completely natural. You’ve taught, or conditioned if you will, yourself to a new way of thinking and being.

Don’t wait until you belief you’re a master at self-love to act like you love yourself. Move, eat, talk, laugh, dance, choose, share, work like you already do. You’ll slowly but steadily build up the belief to back up you actions.

Want to grow an abundance mindset? Start with baby steps and give a little more than you did before. Then feel that you’re still ok, fine, perhaps even great. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Know that you’re growing a new, empowering belief and that sure feels rad!

Whatever has been imprinted upon you when you were growing up, you can choose to give yourself a new, radically loving, imprint. 

You can create a new feedback loop that empowers you.

You won’t only change your belief, but you’ll also radically change you energy. You’ll raise your vibration and attract different people and opportunities into your life. They’ll match your energy level and new belief.

Act yourself into believing.

Love, Susanne