Divine creation – How to use your emotions for manifesting

Divine creation – How to use your emotions for manifesting


Whether you already attract what you desire into your life, or you feel there is space for improvement, manifesting is what you are doing. You are already manifesting. I truly believe that everyone is a divine creator. You only have to look around you to see what you have created for yourself.  You can always tweak your manifesting skills, and get more clarity on what you are bringing in and how you are doing it.

Manifesting is tuning your own energetic vibes into a strong frequency with a clear intention, which is joined by the ever-present energy of the universe. It is pairing your mind with the higher mind of the universe and thereby influencing the quantum field.

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Ever since I’ve been training with dr. Joe Dispenza {click to watch interview}, I’ve seriously upped my manifesting game. I’ve manifested my absolute dream client, my dream boyfriend and not one but two gold and diamond rings. I used these rings as a symbol for love in my meditation but I got actual rings as a manifesting bonus! There is a little more to it then just wanting something and wishing for it to happen. Two simple steps are essential to combine:

1. A clear intention. what is the event, experience or thing you want to manifest?
2. A heightened emotion. Like happiness, gratitude, bliss, joy, love.

The clear intention, which are thoughts, send out and electrical signal. The feelings use a magnetic signal and draw the desired event or object in. The intentional thought needs an energizer. The elevated emotion is just that. This is heart and mind working together as one.

Together, our thoughts and feelings, create a state of being. From our being we sent an electromagnetic signal into the universe which influences everything around us. The universe doesn’t respond to what we want. It responds to what we are being. The question you can ask yourself is: what signal are you sending out?

Once you’ve send out your order, don’t go into the kitchen to check if your meal is being cooked the right way. You wouldn’t go and check on the chef now, would you? The universe has an unlimited number of possibilities, so let yourself be surprised in the way your manifesting is happening. Trust that it is taken care of.

www.susannepistoor.comTrust, know, it is already so. Wanting desiring something has an element of future in it. The universe is just following your order and it will let the object of your desire stay in the future so the desire can stay intact. While knowing it is already so, it has already been done, means it is now. When you are going into a state of heightened emotion, act as if it is already so. Act like is it now.

The universe has a great sense of humor and it is infinite wise so it will bring what is best for you. Perhaps in a whole different way or form then you expected. When you are really surprised, you know it is the universe at work.

Love, Susanne