If there was EVER a place on earth where you immediately just feel right at home, at ease, where you feel the subtle energy of possibility flowing and you get excited to just be there, where you feel safe, grounded yet lifted up, it’s Bali.

More specifically, it is UBUD. This town feel’s like it’s made for you and me.

I have always LOVED jungle. As a teenager one of my goals in life was to once buy a big piece of rainforest to keep it safe and preserve its beauty, mystery and wisdom. Bali has so much jungle, it is so incredibly green and Ubud is surrounded by it. And if there aren’t lush tropical trees and flowers growing, then the space is filled with the gorgeous green of endless rice paddies.

Life is an offering

In Bali people feel ‘Life is an offering’. This feels very fitting for Bali because you’ll find little offerings everywhere. It’s all around and for the Hindu Balinese people, their spiritual beliefs are so much a part of them, of their day, that even their houses are build in a certain way.

Their house actually exists out of four houses on the property. One looks like a podium and this is where ceremonies like weddings are held. Next to this is the house where the grandparents live. Next to that is the house where the family lives and next to that is the open air kitchen. These building form a circle together and the garden in het middle has little paths to connect the houses and represents the microcosmos. This is where the children play. There is also a small open air temple where the family brings their offerings.

The streets are covered in the small offerings are being made every day. Spirituality is everywhere. No wonder so many of us are drawn to this magical place.        ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


I love food. Especially nourishing food that tastes great, looks beautiful and is made with love. It is so easy to lead a healthy lifestyle in Ubud. There’s a ton of places where you can find organic food. Whether you prefer local, vegetarian, vegan or raw food, it’s all there!

There’s an abundance of green juice all over Ubud. Even in the tiniest warung you can usually order some fresh pressed veggies. Also fresh young green coconuts that need nothing but a straw are everywhere just waiting to be drank. I tried lots of these places and am sharing the best ones.

SOMA: Organic raw food. There is a great vibe and if you’re lucky a jam-session going on. They have so many juices it’s hard to   choose!

GEDONGSISI: Local style restaurant with organic food and green juices.

CLEAR CAFE: Definitely one of my favorites, we choose to go here for breakfast, lunch or dinner almost every day. They do great buckwheat pancakes! Lots of juices. Many raw and vegan options. They really have something for everyone and next door they have sell raw snacks.

DOWN TO EARTH CAFE: Upstairs loads of healthy bliss balls and downstairs a shop for all the health food you could ever need. There’s also an Earth Cafe in Seminyak for an oasis in the hustle and bustle of this town.

Many of these health food places use reusable bamboo straws to reduce waste and prevent us having to use plastic to drink our juices. Here they also sell glass straws with affirmations on them. They come in a colorful sleeve a with a cleaning brush that fits right into the straw. I loved them so much I brought a few home as souvenirs!

KAFE: This place is big on reducing waste. You can fill up your water bottle here for free to minimise all the plastic water bottles being sold. A great spot for taking a break on the balcony and enjoying one of the many juice-choices.

YOGABARN / GARDEN CAFE: The yogabarn has a great place for lunch called the Garden Cafe. You can take all sorts of yoga- and meditation classes and workshops here. There’s even capoeira! All the rooms are wall-less so you can breath in the fresh Bali air. On Sundays there’s an ecstatic dance party. Even if you don’t feel like moving, the Yogabarn is a great spot for lunch because of its gorgeous location an amazing, fresh food. Try the dragon bowl.

We couldn’t find the Yogabarn at first so a head’s up if you’re going there! There is a sign but it’s high up. Easier is to look for the Siam Sally sign and then walk all the way to the back. You’ll find the yoga oasis there. Or just follow all the fit people in their yoga pants.

JUICE LA CAFE: Natural, organic, local. Raw protein balls

LIVING FOOD LAB: When you brought your laptop and feel like working while being able to order some raw food, this is your place. Apples all over the place.

ALCHEMY BALI: This was a place I was really looking forward to. It’s a little of the main roads but worth the trouble of going to. They have a salad bar and serve BIG salads, raw desert and, again, many juices. All raw.

SEEDS OF LIFE: Small organic warung.

SARI ORGANIK: There’s two places with this name. My favorite one is the one where you walk for about 15 minutes through rice paddies to get there. Great terrace with rice paddy view, all organic food, juices, kombucha and you can go into their organic garden to have a look at the origin of your food. Great spot.


  • Bring your own reusable water bottle. You cannot drink the tap water on Bali and as a result there are tons of water bottles sold and thrown away every day. In many of the cafes above you can refill your bottle for free or for a small fee. Some of the nicer airlines also have a free drinking water tap on board so you can make sure you keep well hydrated.
  • The website is a great source to find loads more inspiring places to go, things to do and festivals that are coming up.

What is your blissful travel destination? Share below and feel free to also share this post with anyone who loves travel and spirituality.

Terima Kasih!

Love, Susanne