All about the THINK CLEAN challenge

All about the THINK CLEAN challenge

We clean our homes, do our dishes, wash our clothes. We cleanse our bodies and even do a detox now and then. But when was the last time you cleaned out your mind? 

When did you check out the preservability of your beliefs about yourself and the world?
How about detoxing your mind for a change?

you must learn a new way to think

You are cordially invited to join the detox and kick-start your clean thinking.

I enjoyed participating in this beautiful, inspiring challenge. Each day something to take in. I’d love to keep on doing some of the exercises regularly, just because I enjoyed them so much. Thank you!
a participant from round 1 of the THINK CLEAN challenge 

I started the THINK CLEAN challenge because I thought it would be so fun to do. I’m always interested in how our beautiful minds work and am constantly releasing old, limiting thoughts and consciously choosing to focus on beauty, love and positivity. This has brought me so much over the years. I learned that it is so much easier to keep a clean, positive mind when the people around me do the same.

So I opened up an invitation to focus a little extra on keeping a clean thought pattern for 3 weeks straight. I never expected that 500 people would enthusiastically sign up to join. It was mind-blowing en super inspiring to me to bring my very best to the table. We had a blast.

I received the most amazing messages of people being cracked open. Sharing their stories in the Facebook group was a big part of the proces for some as well. The online space to share, support and inspire has facilitated beautiful new connections. It’s so healing to share and to feel we are all in this together.

a negative mind will neve rgive you a positive life

What is it all about?

// Taking a fresh look at your thought-patterns.
// Identifying and releasing thoughts that are blocking you.
// Creating new empowering thoughts and beliefs.
// Getting ‘out of your head’ and ‘into your body’.
// Finding a love-based way of thinking.
// Feeling positive and connected.

// Your thoughts influence every aspect of your life – 
We know that our mind, our thoughts, have a massive impact on the way we feel, on the way our body functions, on the way we handle whatever life throws at us and how we act towards other people, defining our relationships. Our thoughts are a big deal. We often don’t pay much attention to our thoughts. We just listen to them and follow their guidance.

// Are your beliefs supporting your or keeping you stuck? 
We are prone to get stuck on repeat. We simply repeat the same thoughts over and over again and we start to believe that they are an accurate representation of the outside world. When we trust our thoughts so deeply that we never question them and take them for being the truth, we have created a belief. We have beliefs about ourselves – I am worthy, I can do it, I am beautiful – and we have beliefs about the world – people are good, I am supported.

These are great beliefs. Most of us have some beliefs about the world and about ourselves that aren’t quite so positive as well. Let’s challenge those. See for which ones it’s time to be released.

// How are you feeling when thinking the way you do? 
Our thoughts directly influence our feelings. If you’d like to release any fear, constriction, discomfort, insecurity, anger – take a fresh look at your thoughts. If you’d like to create more peace, comfort, joy, happiness, relaxation, freedom – what needs to be in your mind to support that?

It all starts with you and what you are doing on the inside in that beautiful mind of you. I invite you to check out for yourself what’s going on in there by taking a fresh look with the THINK CLEAN challenge. Detox your mind and find out for yourself how it feels to think clean.

The challenge builds up so I recommend to follow them in the order provided. But you are, of course, completely free to use it as feels best to you. Also, you can save the emails so you can either them at your own pace, or repeat them later on.

You’ll find the link to the private Facebook group especially made for the THINK CLEAN challenge, in your challenge mails.

The THINK CLEAN challenge is your kick-start to a more relaxed, positive mind.

rule your mind

The challenge has now started and you can no longer register. If you’d like to participate in a future round, sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens again.  

The challenge has been made into a  program and is now available at all times in the shop.

2020 update: this program is now closed.