A Super Simple Meditation You can Do Everywhere

A Super Simple Meditation You can Do Everywhere

Many of us have busy lives, sometimes crazy days. Even though we know a clear mind will help us be more efficient in our work and, more importantly, enjoy the day more, we don’t always take breaks to catch our breath. I know I can get into a state of just going going going. We really want to find peace within those days.

In this video I share a super simple meditation you can use to bring peace back into your busy day. While you might think meditation costs time, you will find it will actually bring you time! You do not need to take an hour to of your day to do this. You can do this meditation everywhere you are and you can take as much or little time as you wish.

This is a meditation on nature. Nature has a strong calming and reenergising effect. Not all cities have green everywhere and often, we aren’t outside to look for it. The beauty is, there is always some form of nature nearby. I give tips on how to find this in the video. You can just take a minute to be aware of the little peace of nature.

Let nature be a reminder that we are always exactly where we need to be, you are exactly the person you need to be. And let is be a reminder that we are always guided and supported.

Love, Susanne