5 Best Meditation Apps – Including My Favorite

5 Best Meditation Apps – Including My Favorite

In this post I’m sharing my top 5 meditation apps.

Meditation apps are great because you can put them on your phone and voila, you have a beautiful meditation with you at all times. Assuming you’re like me and carry your phone around everywhere, that is.

Check these out and go try them. My fav is definitely #3.

1. Headspace: great beginners app

Headspace is a pretty populair Mindfulness meditation app. This is a nice, simple way of meditating for beginners or anyone who likes to keep it clean and focus of the body, breath and surrounding sounds. It invites you to do ten minutes of meditation for ten days. After those first ten days, you reach a next level. There are all sorts of stats, streaks and you can unlock animations as you progress through the levels Headspace has. We’re all sensitive to a little rewarding, aren’t we?


2. Buddhify: urban meditation

Buddhify is a great app when you want to add meditation to your regular day. You can use it while traveling, walking, in the gym or at home. The app asks you where you are and then what you wish to focus on in your meditation: clarity, connection, stability or embodiment. You can choose to do a bitesize meditation or one that takes a bit longer. You can also keep track of your mood in this app. I really like the simplicity, the focus-choices and down to earth way of guiding you through the meditation in this app.

3. Omvana: many choices and option to mix

This app is one of my favorites because it has some unique features. It has a massive library of available meditations. Many are free. The beauty of this app is that you can mix your own meditation. You can choose a spoken meditation that guides you and, if you like, you can choose music to support the meditation. You can mix any guided meditations and music pieces you like and you can also decide on the volume of each. You can choose many different styles of meditation, different purposes like vision, sleep, creating abundance, rest, letting go of your past, alpha beats. Some are from well known spiritual leaders like Bob Proctor, Melissa Ambrosini and Gabrielle Bernstein. If you like variety, this is the meditation app for you.


4. Dormio: gets you to sleep

Dormio is from the same creators as Omvana: MindValley. This app is dedicated to sleep meditations. Is has a timer you can set to gently make it go silent after any amount of minutes you choose. There is an extensive library when you can find all sorts of different meditations. Again, some are free, some you can purchase. Themes are: reduce jetlag, sleep like a baby, peace for the inner child, lucid dreaming hypnosis, inner peace, a radiant heart, a miracle and many more. Super nice to get you into a relaxed state and gently drift off into a wonderful sleep.

5. Meditation made simple: hip-hop mogul meditation

This is a new meditation app, created by Russell Simmons. Remember Run DMC? One of the two is this guy. He’s the co-founder of the hip-hop music label Def Jam. He has all sorts of businesses, does yoga daily and says he doesn’t do shit until he has meditated. He offers a ten and a twenty minute meditation through the app. He also added a ‘vibration’ option, where you hear him chanting, for you to do your own meditation to.


Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite meditation apps?
Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to discover some new ones.

You can download my free meditation album here.

Love, Susanne