3 Steps To Let Go of Old Anger or Resentment

3 Steps To Let Go of Old Anger or Resentment


What would it feel like to be free of old anger, old resentment, old emotional pain? To be emotionally free and have more energy to spend?

This blog is about taking your power back. About letting go of pain because it no longer serves you now.

Some pain we keep carrying with us for a long time and we almost forget about it without ever truly releasing it. It stays with us in the form of energetic connections to the other person or hurtful situation. In a way, these connections keep a part of us stuck in the past and they form a leak in our energy.

Whenever memories connected to this person or situation are triggered, you can still feel the old emotion of anger, resentment or pain. This means you haven’t really let go even if you don’t think about that person or situation all the time.

The question you can ask yourself is: ‘How much longer do I want to keep carrying this pain around with me?’ Knowing that it is keeping you from using all of your own energy to use in the present. Perhaps it is time to take back your energy, take back your power and be free.

The truth is, we are always, eternally free. These energetic cords are not something that happened to you. You have created them. This is the good news because it means you can also release them. You can keep the learning experience, gain wisdom and let go of the old emotion. Holding on to it is just an attempt of the ego to be right, to gain control. It is a wish that things were different or a desire to still change the past. We have a choice to accept the reality for what it was and choose forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not something you do for the other person. It is something you do for yourself in order to take back your authentic power and your energy. It is choosing to be happy now.

3 Steps to Letting Go:

Realize you’ve been holding on to the past, wishing it should have been different. You might want to say: ‘I see now that I’ve been holding on to the past and emotions that now no longer serve me. I release the wish for it to have been different and I release the desire to change it / to hear an apology.’

Choose to take your energy back and be open to releasing the hurt. Even if you don’t know exactly how yet. You can say: ‘Now that I see I’ve been giving away my energy, I choose to release this situation/person and take back ownership of my energy. I let go. I choose to forgive this situation/person. I let go. I choose to forgive myself for holding on to this. I let go. I am free. This is my choice.’

Know that it is so. Trust that you have changed the energy. Trust the outcome and, when needed, remind yourself of the new reality you have created. Trust that your higher power/the universe/your inner guide will support and guide you in this. You can say: ‘I am willing to let go. I am willing to see peace instead of this. I trust it is so.’

‘The energy of the change has to be greater than the energy of the old pattern’
– Dr. Joe Dispenza

So make sure you feel the decision and the words in your body. Don’t just think them. Really choose and feel it.
You can repeat this process with any kind of old pain you wish to release. You can make it into a meditation and allow yourself some time and space to do this.

You will have more energy to spend. You will be more centered in the current moment. You will experience more peace.

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Love, Susanne